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Volkswagen Transporter

2.0 TDI




114000 km


12900 €

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Engine code CAAA 4-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 l/62 kW (4V)TDI common rail base engine is TM3/TW3/TP4
Power 62
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 2.00
Color broom yellow R1032 (91)
Interior Classic Grey (RD)
Transmission manual
Transmission code MQT
Vehicle Options
Code Option
P0E1 Short wheelbase
P0FA Standard manufacturing sequence
P0G4 Manual gearbox
P0JB Weight category front axle weight range 2
P0ST Labels in German and French
P0VC Information kit in German
P0WM Gross vehicle weight rating 2800 kg
P0Y1 Standard climatic zones
P0YB Weight range 2 installation control only, no requirement forecast
P0ZN Gear ratio, high geared
P1AK Electronic Stability Control with brake assistant, ABS, ASR, EDL and hill hold control
P1BA Suspension and shock absorption (standard)
P1CP Vehicle class differentiation -7E0-
P1EV Identification plate for commercial vehicle with EC type approval, with weight data, with COC
P1G2 Spare wheel (steel) with original equipment tire
P1HZ Labels without country group
P1L0 Standard air cleaner
P1N1 Power steering with safety steering column (steering wheel adjustable in height and length)
P1NE Wheel center trim
P1PA Wheel bolts without wheel locks
P1S1 Tool kit and jack
P1Z2 Increased fuel factory fill (21 l)
P2A0 Transport mode activated
P2E3 16-inch chassis with 16-inch brake system
P2G2 Not suitable for biodiesel
P2JB Bumper (plastic), black
P2N1 Standard anti-drum measures
P2P1 Plastic loading edge protection
P2PG Steering wheel
P2V1 Dust and pollen filter
P3CG High partition with fixed window
P3J6 Head restraints (front and rear adjustable in height)
P3L1 Height adjustment for left individual seat in cab
P3LN Unpainted door trim panel
P3M2 Registration as closed truck
P3R0 Standard roof (with mounting points for roof rack systems: 8 for short wheelbase, 10 for long wheelbase)
P3RC Tailgate with window aperture
P3TH Left seat, in 1st row of seats
P3YQ Door pockets with 2 compartments each and integrated bottle holders in cab doors
P4E0 Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking from outside
P4GF Heat-insulating windshield made of laminated glass
P4HS Rear window (standard glass, heated) with rear window wiper and washer system
P4JT Window in front and closed side panel inrear, in load/passenger compartment, right
P4K1 Central locking system with radio remotecontrol and SAFELOCK
P4L2 Breakaway interior rearview mirror, dimming
P4N2 Standard dashboard
P4R1 Power windows
P4SA Sun visor without vanity mirror, in cab,left
P4TA Sun visor without vanity mirror, in cab,right
P4UF Airbags for driver and front passenger, belt tensioners, left and right, and front passenger airbag deactivation
P5AC Rubber floor covering in cab
P5BL Prep. of 1st row of seats for subsequentinstall. of floor covering (step insert approx. 20 mm higher than cargo area)
P5CL Roof trim in cab as comfort headliner, in load compartment with hardboard
P5D1 Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
P5DB Hardboard side trim panels in passenger/load compartment (medium height for veh. w/ window apertures)
P5K0 Transport protection (film) for hood
P5N2 Folding grab handles on roof frame
P5NC Gas spring for tailgate
P5Q2 Sliding door on the left in load/passenger compartment
P5R2 Sliding door on the right in load/passenger compartment
P5RQ Right exterior mirror, convex
P5SL Left exterior mirror, aspherical
P5V3 Hinges for rear gates/tailgate in standard design
P6B7 Lashing rings for load restraint system
P6FA Black exterior mirror housings and door handles
P6KA Black radiator grille
P6N2 Mud flap in front and rear
P6U1 Additional dust seal outside
P6XN Exterior mirrors, power-adjustable and heated
P7AA Engine immobilizer (electronic)
P7MJ Emission standard EU5 plus (for TDI engines with diesel particulate filter)
P7P5 Lumbar support for individual seat in 1st row of seats, left (manually adjustable)
P7V2 Dashboard illumination
P7X1 Park distance control, acoustic warning signal for obstacles in the rear
P8BB Halogen headlamps (H4) for driving on the right
P8GU Alternator 140 A
P8K1 Separate daytime running lights (permanently switched on during driving)
P8N1 Windshield wiper intermittent control
P8Q1 Headlight range control
P8QL 2 remote control folding keys, 1 rigid key for locking system with remote control
P8SA Standard taillamp assemblies
P8TC Rear fog lamp for driving on the right
P8Y0 Single-tone horn
P8Z5 Not hot country
P9AA Heating system (mechanically controlled)in cab
P9CU Standard interior lights in passenger/ load compartment
P9JC Smokers' package (12-V socket with cigarette lighter, ashtray, and 2 cup holders in dashboard
P9P1 Warning buzzer and light for driver seatbelt not fastened
P9Q1 Multi-function display
P9Z0 Operating voltage 12 V
PA8B Basic equipment
PAW5 Standard version
PB01 Type approval country Germany
PB0X Part set, complying with vehicle type for Germany, various parts
PC1G 4 steel wheels 6.5J x 16 in 20-hole style
PC33 Operating permit, alteration
PD54 4-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 l/62 kW (4V)TDI common rail Base engine is TM3/TW3/TP4
PE0A No special edition
PF4C Post equipment
PFC0 Without customized installation
PFM0 Basic equipment variant
PG0C 5-speed manual transmission
PGP0 Vehicles without special upgrade measures
PH0D Tires 215/65 R16 C 106/104T
PJ0N Battery 330 A (61 Ah)
PK4A Panel Van
PL0L Left-hand drive
PN1C Rob. seat trim covers in fabric "Runner"in cab; seat trim covers in leatherette "Textile Rhomb" f. exist. s. in pass. c.
PNY0 Standard battery/alternator
PQG1 LongLife Service Regime
PQL3 Heat-insulating glass (green) in cab andload/passenger compartment
PS5X Completion of optional equipment
PSR2 Deutsche Post AG
PTW3 4-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l Unit 03L.K
PU5A Instrument housing assembly (km/h); display of speed, total/trip mileage, rpm, fuel gage, and time
PV0A Tires without specification of tire brand
PVI2 Service indicator 40 000 km or 1 year ( variable )
PWF2 Germany
PX10 Equipment options subset for Central Europe
PY85 Price control for Police and authorities
PYA5 Equipment package "Post Kit" first-aid kit, warning triangle, safety vest, rubber mats in cab
PYI1 Decals for Post delivery vehicles, tire pressure label
PYP1 Post delivery vehicle (1-seater)
PZE4 Central locking system with SAFELOCK andradio remote control
PZE8 Electrical package I (power windows, electr. adjustable and heated exterior mirrors)
PZH7 Tailgate with heated window
PZR9 Steel spare wheel with original equipment tire
PZZ3 High partition with fixed window and 8 lashing rings for load restraint
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Moottori2.0 l, diesel



Toimituskulut299 €



Tekniset tiedot


62 kW / 84 hv




2800 kg

Vetomassa (jarrullinen)

2200 kg

Vetomassa (ei jarruja):

750 kg

CO2 -päästöt

190 g/km



9,4 l/100km


6,0 l/100km


7,2 l/100km


Turbo, Turvatyynyt, Radio, Ohjaustehostin, Luistonestojärjestelmä, CD-soitin, Ajotietokone, Ajonvakautusjärjestelmä

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